IUD Training


MDHHS is offering an IUD insertion/removal and contraceptive training for family planning clinicians and other care providers in Marquette, Michigan. The training will be held in conjunction with the MDHHS Regional Family Planning Coordinator meeting and is open to Title X and non-Title X providers.

The purpose of this training is to provide clinicians with training and skills in intrauterine devices (IUD’s). Clinicians will review basic information regarding LARC methods -mechanism of action, types of devices, effectiveness, history taking, and insertion. MDHHS consultants will share IUD information with Coordinators and other non-providers on scheduling, ordering, billing, patient assistance programs, necessary equipment or supplies, and other topics.

Registration Fee



9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Continuing Education opportunities are available. A Certificate of Attendance with educational hours is also available. If more information is needed, please contact CEInfo@mphi.org.
  • Charisse Loder, University of Michigan
  • Barbara (Quess) Derman, MDHHS
  • Janet Isabell, MDHHS
All participants registering in advance will receive a Participant Reminder with the training details. If you do not receive a confirmation email prior to the event, or if you have any questions regarding registration, please contact MPHI at (517) 324-8330.